Who’s ready for holiday parties? We’re talking about costumes, pot-luck dinners, themed movie viewing, seasonal music, and dancing. Lots of dancing. Once the calendar hits Halloween, that means Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are right around the corner- And that doesn’t include every Friday and Saturday night in between! Is your place ready for the fun?

Whether you dream of hosting and toasting or just snacking and relaxing, you can easily complete your DIY design refresh in time to dazzle (and defend against) your enthusiastic guests: Capture undeniable style, texture, tones, and character with DuraDecor’s Classy Chic Rigid Vinyl Planks and Tile!

Let’s be real: When your crew is having a blast, spills and dropped food will happen. You don’t want to spend your time worrying about red wine drops and charcuterie crumbs. With the Classy Chic Collection, your fashion-forward floors are stain-proof, waterproof, easy to clean, and gorgeous.

If you’re looking to brighten up your favorite spaces, think about using airy planks like Toasted Latte and lighter-colored tiles such as Runway Greige and Silver Screen. Remember those light pink accents in the kitchen that you love so much? The super attractive and popular Broadway Blonde planks (below) pair perfectly with a neutral color palette:

Broadway Blonde Kitchen and Plank

The color grey is an interior designer’s best friend because it goes with everything, it features many variations for different feels, and the same grey floor can anchor multiple design themes over the years. We are all about that versatility. Skyline Grey planks and Gala Grey and Metro Grey tile (below) are perfect options for adding a fashion-forward grey floor that blends as well as it catches the eye:

Metro Grey Bathroom and Tile

If you want that classic, reassuring, snuggle-up-with-a-blanket hardwood warmth, medium brown Midtown Tan and Go-Getter Mocha (below) planks will provide the nostalgic, timeless appeal. Hours of relaxation, reading, and series-binging await this living room with a picturesque, rustic chic ambiance:

Go-Getter Mocha Living Room and Plank

These 5.75″ x 47.75″ planks and 11.75” x 23.75” tile size display all the shades, textures, and characteristics that you adore. Offering a scratch-resistant polyurethane finish along with a 12-mil wear layer and 5.0 MM thickness, you can focus on hosting and not on foot traffic, scratches, scuffs, or dents. Did you know these floors come with a Lifetime Residential Warranty and 5-Year Commercial Warranty, and are GREENGUARD Gold, FloorScore®, and ASSURE CERTIFIED™? Reliable, environmentally friendly, and gorgeous is quite the trifecta!

If you’re ready to complete a DIY project, and then appropriately brag about your flooring installation across social media, the easy ‘click and lock’ installation technology will help you turn around your design refresh even quicker. You can uplift your entranceway, hallways, sunroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms in record time, and use helpful DuraDecor resources like the Classy Chic Product Guide and DuraDecor YouTube Installation Videos for fab results.

They say a classic never goes out of style and we couldn’t agree more. The Classy Chic Collection is giving the look you love now, the performance of Rigid Core Flooring for premium waterproof protection against spills and pets and won’t look outdated 20 years from now. We know the holidays are just around the corner, but you’re allowed to throw a ‘New Flooring!’ party too!

Thankfully, Classy Chic floors have the ultimate durability to always handle all the vibes, all the time.