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Liz Marie Galvan is an author, interior designer, shop owner, influencer, and DIYer living in her 1800s Michigan farmhouse. Above all, she is a busy mom who knows a thing or two about making things beautiful.

From her shop to her home, Liz is so excited to add this gorgeous collection of DuraDecor luxury vinyl flooring to her favorite spaces and share the stories that unfold along the way!

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Sand Tropez Floor

Sand Tropez

Sandbar Blonde Floor

Sandbar Blonde

Guesthouse Brown Flooring

Guesthouse Brown

Cliffside Tan Floor

Cliffside Tan

Pebble Beach Floor

Pebble Beach

Bungalow Beige Floor

Bungalow Beige

Greige Retreat Floor

Greige Retreat

Moonlight Silver Flooring

Moonlight Silver

Seaside Stone Floor

Seaside Stone

Luau Blonde Floor

Luau Blonde

Paradise Sand Floor

Paradise Sand