When you know, you know. Whether you are out and about shopping at the coolest boutiques or scrolling through your favorite online stores with a latte in hand, when you see something you love and just can’t shake it from your mind… there’s a good chance that you’ve got to buy it! 

Now, not everything will pop out at you immediately like that caramel-colored corduroy jacket with the Sherpa lining or those distressed jeans with the floral embroidery. Sometimes we have to explore the nuances and details a little deeper to truly make our purchases feel like a perfect match.  

For a major investment like new flooring, we totally get why you would take your time: In addition to anchoring your overall design scheme and performing for the specific needs of your place, it’s easy to get swept up in the amount of flooring options out there and feel overwhelmed sorting through textures, tones, and finishes.

Luckily, it’s easy and affordable to enhance your favorite aesthetic with the full line of DuraDecor’s easy-to-install, fresh vinyl looks and the wide range of visuals to suit your style. If you could use a little added inspiration as you shop for floors, think about which common décor themes already fit your personality.

To help you get started even further, here are a few fun ideas for how to select new floors that match your vibe:

Breezy & Chill –   Are you an absolute pro at relaxing and not thinking about work on the weekend? Is your first instinct on a Saturday morning to set up on the beach and make sure you get a great spot for the rest of the sunny afternoon? If a cool breeze and crashing waves are your idea of a good time, you should definitely check out coastal chic design for your home.

Pulling from organic elements and natural colors found beachside, this chill, serene theme is all about the laid-back vibes. We’re talking lighter wood floors with matte finish, browns, tans, and off-white tones that are perfect for keeping a floorplan airy and bright. If this sounds like your type of feel, a Paradise Sand floor with the Modern Maven Collection (below) is a great starting point for shopping:

Paradise Sand Flooring

Cozy & Vintage – Do you love raiding your Grandparent’s closets for vintage pieces like chunky sweaters and knit cardigans that hug you like a warm blanket? Are you all about curling up with a great book or watching a movie with roaring flames in the fireplace? If you love the timeless vibe of a mountain cabin or countryside cottage, you might be a ‘farmhouse chic’ lover just like us!

Also called ‘rustic vogue’ or ‘cottage core’, this décor style prizes coziness, natural character, and rugged beauty with a strong connection to the great outdoors. Think rich hardwood planks with visible knots, markings, and distinctive texture that provide rustic appeal. Weathered details give a reassuring feel to your rooms just like your favorite quilt. This peel-and-stick Blazed Barnwood floor from the Weekend Warrior Collection (below) is a perfect example of a rich wood look that can bring this design theme to life:

Blazed Barnwood Flooring

Always Organized – We envy those that always keep their counters clutter-free and know which drawer holds exactly which household tool or kitchen device when they are needed. If your closets, dressers, and shoe racks are color-coordinated and look more put-together than a clothing store, that means you prioritize order, purpose, and balance in your life!

A modern or minimal design isn’t boring or flat, it just showcases sleek sophistication through clean lines, proportion, and a highly curated feel. Flooring visuals in this design theme lean towards cool monochromatic white, cream, grey, and dark tones with muted finish. A Runway Griege floor from the Classy Chic Collection (below) is the type of trademark surface that captures a focused layout perfectly:

Runway Griege Flooring

Eclectic Traveler – Do you love to travel and pick up distinctive knick-knacks that remind you of your favorite places? Are you typically drawn to bold patterns, pillows, and other eye-catching artistic pieces? We love the eclecticism of an easygoing Bohemian vibe that leaves an open-ended design for all your favorite colors and textures to live side-by-side!

Whether it’s your funky rug or wall art, it’s fun to think outside the box and design a room that adheres to your own rules. Think about a floor that can match varied color schemes and looks every time you want a design refresh. We love this hip Urban Granite floor from the Polished Pro Collection (below) because grey goes with everything, and it adds presence without taking attention from your creative touches:  

Urban Granite Flooring

Just remember that it’s always your place and your vibe. You can check out our DuraDecor Pinterest and Facebook pages for even more great ideas and room scenes that speak to your favorite trends. Whichever luxury vinyl look you love, your floor will be easy to purchase, install, and ready to use immediately.

Oh, and when your new floors are down and your place is decorated to perfection, we want an invite over!