Spring season is like nature’s form of self-care. Fresh blooming flowers, plenty of sun, the breezy vibes are in full swing, and we are here for all of it! So, while nature completes a seasonal design refresh outdoors, we are taking a moment to make sure our interiors feel just as renewed with a good spring cleaning.

Some people love to clean their homes, and that’s awesome! Some do not enjoy cleaning, and we don’t judge. Thankfully whichever side you land on, the full line of DuraDecor’s attractive vinyl looks are extremely easy to keep clean with premium scratch, stain, and spill protection.

Whether you are looking to host a brunch for your besties or simply make sure your place shines when you pull back the curtains and the natural light comes through the windows, your spring cleaning is easier than ever to achieve. Our DuraDecor team has even compiled a helpful list of cleaning FAQs that will help guide your most effective care routine!

Without further ado, here’s a quick crash-course for Spring Cleaning 101 with DuraDecor Floors:

Q: What cleaner should I use on my DuraDecor vinyl floors?

A: To properly clean your DuraDecor floors, dust-mop or vacuum the floor (without a beater bar) first to remove loose dirt and grit. Next, mop the floor as often as required using a damp, clean, flat microfiber mop with a suitable neutral pH vinyl floor cleaning solution. These cleaners are available at most home improvement stores! Light buffing with Scotch-Brite pads can also be used, just make sure the pad stays wet throughout the duration of the cleaning.

Q: Can I use a Swiffer or Swiffer WetJet®?

A: Yes! DuraDecor floors can be cleaned with a Swiffer, or wet mopped with a Swiffer WetJet®.

Blue dresser on brown floors

Q:  Can I steam-mop my DuraDecor rigid core floors?

A: Yes! A steam mop can be used on rigid core (floating) floors but should be placed on the lowest heat setting and used in swift motions instead of a very slow-moving mop. A steam mop should not be used on peel-and-stick flooring such as the Weekend Warrior Collection.

Q: Can I use a polish or wax on my floors?

A: No topical agents, polishes, waxes, sealers, or finishes should be used on your DuraDecor vinyl flooring. These could potentially dull the surface of the vinyl, which will void the product warranty.

Q: Even after I clean my vinyl floors, I still see footprint marks or shoe prints immediately after we walk on them. What can I do?

A: Be sure you are only using pH neutral cleaners on your floors, and no waxes or polishes. In this case, a cleaning solution was likely over-mixed, which will cause a residue build-up on the surface of the flooring. We recommend cleaning with water only 5-6 times to dilute the residue and get back down to the flooring surface. A steam mop can be used on rigid core flooring, but never on peel-and-stick flooring.

Now it’s time to get your floors spotless. In addition to these Spring-Cleaning tips, you can use fun, spring-themed or floral entry mats outdoors and area rugs inside to keep your floors gleaming for even longer. The sooner you finish cleaning, the sooner you can have celebratory mimosas as your reward!