The answer is Yes. Yes, our pets count as members of our families and as our children. Yes, we want our pets with us in every room indoors. And yes, we love our pets just as much despite every puddle, spill, and mishap that they create because nobody is perfect and sometimes our fur babies still look exceptionally cute and photo-worthy in the middle of a bad behavior moment.

So yes, we are absolutely head-over-heels for our puppers, kitty cats, and all other favorite animals that complete our households. Therefore, our design refreshes and new flooring choices need to take life with pets into account and be ready to handle all the adventures, playtime, chaos, and snuggles that come with!

Cat and fishbowlLuckily, selecting pet-friendly flooring options doesn’t mean you have to compromise the design aesthetic that you adore. DuraDecor Rigid Vinyl Planks and Tile provide the fashion-forward tones, textures, and character that will capture your fav look with ease, while protecting against claws, scratches, and accidents that happen at the worst possible times.

Let’s take a quick look at the key attributes that make up the best flooring choices for pets:

Whether you own a tiny Siamese kitten that can fit in a clutch or a large Saint Bernard with an undeniable presence, you will want to make double, no make that triple-sure that you have scratch-resistant flooring. From claws and playful paws running through the home to knocked-over items, it pays to have surface protection that you can count on.

With a 20-mil wear layer, scratch-resistant polyurethane finish, and lifetime residential warranty, the Modern Maven Collection is designed to give you the cool Cali vibe you love, while also resisting scratches, deep gouges, and dents to your floors!

Dog in bathtubFor true peace of mind as a pet owner, invest in waterproof flooring. You do enjoy your sanity, right? The early years are constant puddles as our little ones learn not to pee inside and get adjusted to bath time. Bumped water bowls and wet paws happen almost daily and knocked-over human glasses and plates can happen at any moment- especially when your show is getting to the good part.

DuraDecor Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl options can handle spills and standing liquid without a time limit and without being damaged. Although you always want to wipe up moisture and stains as soon as you find them, sometimes these fun surprises aren’t discovered for hours. Also, if you like to leave the home without crating your animals, waterproof floors will help ease your worry.

No matter what flooring trends you’re crazy about, do yourself a solid and make sure your new choice gives you easy to maintain floors. Pet parents everywhere love rigid core flooring since any pet accidents and pet stains can be spot-cleaned with warm water, a gentle vinyl spray, and paper towels.

Cat being pettedTo keep your rooms looking fresher between cleanings, explore flooring with distressed, hand-scraped, or wire-brushed texture that can act as pet camouflage. Also, options with varied plank tones and matte finish will show fewer smudges, scuffs, and paw prints.

In a perfect world, we always sweep our homes regularly. For busy lifestyles, some pet owners will match the color of their new floors to the color of their pet to show less pet hair. This gorgeous feline matches the Iced Barnwood floor from the Weekend Warrior Collection (left) to perfection!



After you’ve selected your durable and waterproof pet-friendly flooring, take these savvy steps that make maintaining your super cute spaces even easier:

  • Keep pet nails and claws trimmed to reduce scratches
  • Brush furry pets regularly to reduce pet dander
  • Sweep and vacuum regularly to keep pet dander from becoming abrasive particles
  • Use entry mats outdoors and machine-washable area rugs inside
  • Place mats with appropriate backing for vinyl floors underneath all food and water bowls

Also, we totally want to see pics of your fuzzy, hairy, and even scaley pets. Hit the follow button on the DuraDecor Pinterest, and Facebook pages and tag us in your cutest snapshots. We are here for all the pet content, nose-boop’s, and Reels that you create!

Dogs and kid on floor