Sometimes you just need a moment. Maybe it’s in the morning when you’re thinking about your to-do list or the big presentation you have to make. Often, it’s in the evening when you just need to let out a sigh of relief and catch your breath.   

When you’re getting ready for the day or trying to unwind at night, there’s nothing like a warm shower or bath (with bubbles please) to help ease the stress away, along with your favorite self-care routines. Well, you are worth it. You are worth having a bathroom that makes you feel like a spa VIP every day so you can be your best! That’s a form of self-care too.

However, we know how money factors can present an obstacle to designing a dream bathroom. So, DuraDecor’s full line of easy-to-install, fresh vinyl looks allows you to have the elevated style you crave without maxing out your credit card to do so.

There’s nothing like the natural beauty of hardwood with eye-catching tones, character, and markings to whisk us away and create a relaxing aura. Modern, contemporary, rustic, relaxed – we’ve got you covered. Whatever your favorite feel is, there’s a DuraDecor visual to bring it to life

You don’t have to pinch pennies or skip an upcoming trip that you’ve been saving for to craft a space that you adore. Here are a few of the key ways that DuraDecor can help transform your bathroom on a budget:   

Realistic Tones & Textures – Natural stone and waterproof hardwood flooring will certainly present a huge cost to purchase when you need new bathroom flooring. With DuraDecor, you can capture the authentic look you love in a water-resistant rigid vinyl with premium durability. Not only will you have the elevated aesthetic you’ve been screen-shopping for on Pinterest, but you will save valuable coins to purchase. Whether it’s the upscale stone visual of Silver Screen from the Classy Chic Collection or the realistic wood texture of Roughcut Siena Lumber from the Weekend Warrior Collection (below), premium vinyl gives luxury for less:

Bathroom sink with flooring

DIY Installation – To save more of your bathroom remodel budget, look for materials that will allow you to easily install your surfaces. If you don’t have to hire professional installation, you will remove expensive costs from your remodel!

The Polished Pro Collection offers 3 different installation capabilities —2.0 mm glue down, 2.5 mm glue down, or 5.0 mm ‘click and lock’ floating floor with foam underlayment— to match your DIY experience level. Along with the helpful vids on our YouTube Channel, you are well-equipped to begin your project.

If you want an even easier DIY installation, it doesn’t get better than Weekend Warrior Peel-and-Stick planks. No one needs to know how easily you achieved this dreamy Natural Hickory bathroom floor (below) or you can proudly tell them. It’s your world:

White bathroom with tub and flooring

Bathroom Accent Walls – If your flooring is not going to be replaced during your renovation, you can definitely use Weekend Warrior peel-and-stick planks to create an accent wall that will help refresh and elevate your bathroom. Who needs an expensive trip to the spa when your own bathroom is completely and utterly relaxing?

We can easily spend hours pampering ourselves in this bathroom that features an Arctic Distressed accent wall(below) for soothing style:

Gray bathroom with tub and sink

There’s no need to put off redesigning your bathroom when you can afford the materials, complete your vision efficiently, and begin enjoying the finished look immediately. There’s plenty of dreamy inspiration on our DuraDecor Pinterest and Facebook pages and you can have your favorite DuraDecor variety shipped directly to you.

Start picking out your favorite candle and bathbomb scents now because we sense a lot of well-deserved ‘me-time’ in your very near future!