We know that not all interior design trends are created equal. Vintage wallpaper prints and shag carpets have come back here and there, but how many fake fruit bowls and bean bag chairs do see you anymore?

During a full day, you’ll probably scroll through tons of room scenes across social platforms and notice design trends that can help give your place new life. For low-cost style investments like accessories, accent furniture, and pieces used for pops of color, take a chance on something bold since they are easy to replace. When it comes to getting the most for your hard-earned money, pick your trends wisely for bigger investments like flooring, major paint colors, and large furniture!

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s important to keep our spaces fresh and multi-functional to preserve our sanity and mental wellness. The key to picking trends is to balance what has always been cool with what is innovative and fresh, and what will stay in style for longer than a quick 6- to 12-month fad. Luckily, there are plenty of trends that you can indulge in that will uplift your vibe and décor without the dreaded fear of going out of style or looking dated.

Grab a cup of coffee and something to snack on. If you are itching for a hot, new look indoors, here are a few of our favorite luxury vinyl flooring trends that you need to check out:

Biophilic Design 

If you are a plant-Mom or plant-Dad, then you are already halfway there. Biophilic design is basically a fancy way to describe that incorporating natural elements and plants into our interiors helps us rejuvenate in a way that’s like spending time outside. If you have ever been to a coffee shop or boutique with a living wall of planters, then you totally get it. Using an organic color palette, adding plants both real and fake, using glass to let the sunlight in, and adding the organic beauty of materials like wood and stone are the best ways to create this connection to nature.

With DuraDecor, your luxury vinyl can help achieve biophilic design thanks to super realistic detail, color, and texture. The warm beige-grey tones, markings, and contrast graining of a stone-visual like Modern Maven’s Runway Greige(below) provide relaxing organic beauty, even in the middle of the busy, bustling city high-rise. This is one trend that is fading no time soon:  

Runway Greige Bathroom

Warm Blonde and Honey Tones

It’s no secret that blonde hardwood tones are booming because of their warmth and light, which helps elevate your mood. You will find this popularity of warm blonde, honey, and taupe shades is not only perfect for using natural light, but they are also easy to match and design with using luxury vinyl flooring. Think of diving into an interior trend like buying a fabulous new pair of shoes: the more looks you can pull together with it, the better.

Floors like Honey Harmony from the Polished Pro Collection (below) and Bungalow Beige from the Modern Maven Collection instantly add warmth to your space, and it will be easy to change paint colors, patterns, and furniture down the line if you want to switch up your décor theme. Versatility in a floor is always ideal:

Honey Harmony

Bungalow Beige from Modern Maven by DuraDecor

Bungalow Beige from Modern Maven by DuraDecor

Achieving Zen 

Let’s be real, we could all stand to add some calmness to our days and our homes. If you have a busy routine that doesn’t always leave much time for yoga, reading, or reflecting, consider an interior design scheme that is clean, minimal, simple, and balanced. Think soothing texture, neutral or light, airy colors, and low sheen flooring for a peaceful effect.

You know how sometimes you see a room scene and it just instantly makes you feel calm? That’s it. Waking up every morning in a bedroom made with Pebble Beach from the Modern Maven Collection (below) will help you reach Zen before every hectic day of tasks begins. Hit the snooze button one more time, the world can wait an extra five minutes for all of your greatness:

Pebble Beach

Modern Browns 

Just because something is classic, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In fact, we see traditional styles come back all the time from fashion to interior design. With constantly changing guidelines in travel, events, and spacing and distancing for simple tasks like dining out and shopping, sometimes it’s nice to come home and unwind with familiarity that reassures and comforts us.

Modern brown flooring gives us the trademark beauty of wood floors, highlighting the natural aura and reminding us of many favorite places in the world. Rich coffee tones, caramels, and deep tans will give nostalgia, coziness, and flavor that makes you never want to leave after a tiring work day. This living room featuring Go-Getter Mocha from the Classy Chic Collection (below) proves that sometimes classic appeal is just the ‘new’ look that’s needed. Just add Netflix and let the decompression begin:

Go-Getter Mocha

Angles & Patterns 

No matter where you want to incorporate a new luxury vinyl trend, think about how you can use angles and patterns to your advantage. It’s like taking the perfect selfie: The perfect angle and an engaging patterned background add perspective and visual interest, and your pic stands out more. By planning how you can install planks in a geometric pattern like herringbone, diagonal stripe, or chevron, your rooms will look more unique and expensive- without pulling more from your budget. That’s vacation money!

Luxury vinyl patterns will make your floors pop, as well as your backsplashes and accent walls. DuraDecor’s Weekend Warrior Collection of Peel and Stick Vinyl Planks are so affordable and easy to install, you can even complete a fresh makeover in one weekend. This patterned accent wall made with Roughcut Siena Lumber (below) will instantly become your new favorite photo spot:

Roughcut Lumber Siena Room

In the end, you’re the ultimate design expert in your home. Browse the DuraDecor Pinterest and Facebook pages for inspiration that you may pull into your design, but pick the trends that speak to YOU. Luxury vinyl will allow you to complete a budget-friendly refresh that pulls your entire vision together.

If you love it, we love it and that’s all that matters!