There’s a famous quote that essentially says, ‘Great ideas are meant to be repeated’ and we could NOT agree more. That’s our excuse for spending hours exploring Pinterest and Instagram looking at all the amazing DIY remodels and design refreshes that talented bloggers and influencers complete every day!

We’re starting 2023 with so much inspiration and determination to enhance all our spaces that need a pick-me-up. From living rooms and bedrooms to laundry rooms and accent walls, we are blown away by the trends and looks captured with the full line of DuraDecor’s easy-to-install, fresh vinyl looks.

In fact, before we begin bringing our design vision to life, we are taking a moment to review all our favorite blogs and DIY projects in 2022 that gave us the confidence to start. Check out all the awesomeness of our DuraDecor Influencer Project Round-Up and make note of all the savvy design planning, installation tips, and best practices involved:

Haute House Love Kera JeffersHaute House Love – Interior designer and mom of four Kera Jeffers documents her DIY adventures on the fabulous Haute House Love blog and Instagram, and recently took on a living room makeover in her family’s new Arizona home.

With a colorful personal style, Kera chose DuraDecor Golden Glow planks from the Polished Pro Collection for her active, high-traffic household with kids and pets. Although Kera was intimidated to complete her first-time flooring installation, she leaned on helpful YouTube videos and took her time to ensure accurate measurement, calculations, cutting, and completing the first three flooring rows. Once Kera found an installation rhythm, she completed her entire project by the Day 2 evening. We can’t get over the final flooring reveal! Kera’s choice of Golden Glow planks provided the design foundation that she envisioned, and the living room transformation completely represents her family’s vibe.

At Home with Ashley – Interior Designer Ashley Wilson presents her gorgeous At Home with Ashley blog as a combination of home decor tips and renovations, where she explores how good design intersects with a happy life at home. When Ashley re-did her bedroom from top to bottom, she shared 6 valuable tips for how to choose the right floor color with her readers. After weighing factors including overall room vibe, natural light, and room size, Ashley went with DuraDecor Modern Maven planks in Bungalow Beige! Noting how DIYer-friendly these planks are, Ashley’s floor took only one afternoon to install. Not only is flooring one of Ashley’s favorite elements in the space, but they are also definitely one of ours as well. Make sure to go through each tip and figure out what your priorities are, and your results can look as fab as Ashley’s design refresh:

Interior Designer floor and rooms

Love & Renovations Amanda Hendrix Laundry room Love & Renovations – Hailing from the suburbs of Austin, Texas, Amanda Hendrix started her fantastic Love & Renovations blog as a creative outlet to encourage working on her own house, help people learn how to tackle projects, and share easy, affordable DIY projects, home inspiration, and organization tips.

After giving her laundry room a big makeover, Ashley realized that it needed a little something more and decided that a faux wood accent wall would enhance the coziness and complete the space.

By using DuraDecor Weekend Warrior Planks in color Blazed Barnwood, Ashley was able to cut the peel-and-stick planks with a utility knife to fit her room dimensions perfectly. This warm, rustic DIY accent wall took her less than half a day from start to finish!

In Honor of Design Anna and Gabe Liesemeyer holiday bedroomIn Honor of Design – Aiming to always make the most out of life, Anna and Gabe Liesemeyer use their inspiring In Honor of Design blog to keep their perspective on design centered on growth and gratitude. When Anna began redesigning her son’s bedroom makeover, they knew that the fresh start would include ripping up the old original carpet and painting everything first. After the room received fresh blue-grey paint with a slight hint of green, they chose DuraDecor Polished Pro planks in color Golden Glow since they are easy to install, waterproof, and cost-effective.

Gabe also loved that the Golden Glow planks featured good thickness, a rigid core, built-in underlayment, solid interlocking edges, quality embossing and detail, and a lifetime residential warranty. In addition to being made in the US, the Golden Glow tone and color were a great match to the original hardwoods on the first floor of the home. True to the product name, the finished bedroom floor reflects natural light like a dream and adds tremendous warmth throughout!

The Good Wrench Jessi Way RoomThe Good Wrench – As a self-professed ‘YouTube grad’ when it comes to her DIY education (aren’t we all!), Jessi Way always wanted to have an in-home workshop and writes on her awe-inspiring The Good Wrench blog that she finally found the push to dive into her DIY renovations in 2020. Now, both her blog and her Instagram page are a constant source of incredible ideas, design, décor, and completed projects.

In completing her One Room Challenge basement glow-up, Jessi pulled out old carpet and removed floor tiles to then begin her first flooring installation. Selecting DuraDecor Modern Maven planks in Bungalow Beige to lighten and brighten, Jessi loved this option since she found it gorgeous, DIY-friendly, and durable. Jessi even found that installing LVP is way easier than most might think and that cuts were super easy to make.

After a long but always productive 8 weeks in completing the Challenge, the Instagram basement reveal was nothing short of exceptional. Along with new flooring, the basement upgrades included painted ceiling beams and walls, a new mantel built from scratch, an expanded entertainment center, new motorized blinds, and more. As you can expect, Jessi was really proud of how it all came together- Agreed!

Ok, these projects are everything. Follow DuraDecor by Novalis Innovative Flooring on YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook for even more incredible influencer collaborations and DIY inspiration. Then, review our Common DIY Installation Mistakes blog post to ensure your flawless project results and it’s time to begin. Let’s make 2023 the year of ‘We got this’ and make our homes the picture-perfect rooms scenes we’ve been dreaming of!